Rhine floodplains for land users

The floodplains of the river Rhine near Rastatt are one of the most diverse and best-preserved river valleys of Central Europe. With their traditional land-use over centuries local farmers have contributed to the preservation of some of the valuable habitat types, e.g. litter meadows or oligotrophic meadows of the planar zone. Fishermen and anglers are committed to the protection of the waters and thus have a shared interest with nature conservation. In the LIFE+ project we want to find ways to sustainably protection the valuable habitats together with the land users.

What is going to happen in the LIFE+ project area? 

Within the project areas ten individual project have been started or are being planned. Here you can get information about the individual projects in the area.

What does a LIFE+ project mean for the land user?
It is important to note that all measures intended in the LIFE+ project base on voluntariness and common agreement. By voluntarily supporting the LIFE+ project you as land user can contribute to improve and extend the European network Natura 2000. We will provide separate information events for land users. As soon as the dates are set we will inform you, both here and in the local press.

How can I contribute to the success of the LIFE+ project?

By extensively managing your meadows and grasslands you can contribute to the success of the project. This means for example that meadows are mowed at certain cutting dates and certain manure rules are complied with. We want to honour you contributions to nature conservation! For adapted cultivation forms you can obtain financial support from special compensation schemes (Marktentlastungs- und Kulturlandschaftsausgleich, Landschaftspflegerichtlinie). 

Who else is participating in the project?
There is a series of organisations cooperating as project partners. Here you get more information.