Nature is cool ...

... and the floodplain of the Rhine near Rastatt is very cool.


A very long time ago the river Rhine has created a unique wild river landscape. Mostly in the last century straightening measures and the construction of flood dykes destroyed a large part of it. The LIFE+-project intends to change this process: The floodplains of the rivers Rhine and Murg are to become again more dynamic with a more natural design. The habitats and species which are typical for natural floodplains then can spread again.

Kids explain to kids:

On eight videos children are going to inform you on the floodplains of the Rhine near Rastatt. Some exemplary questions:

  • What are floodplains and why have they to be protected?
  • What means LIFE and Natura 2000 in this context?
  • Why does the weatherfish fart and why can the silver willow stand in the water? 
  • What is Natura 2000?

Do you  know the area?

Click on the map – here you can see the whole area and you can zoom into the map or in an aerial photograph.

Have you become curious?

You can also gather experience”life“: on excursions, on nature trails and on guided tours you get answers on questions like: What eats a frog? Does the lamprey really have nine eyes? Or how does the read-backed shrike treat its prey? You can experience all this outside

In the near future and on your own hook you can visit the meadow trail close to Plittersdorf and the floodplain trail near Durmersheim. 

In the MIC, which is a mobile Information centre, you can work as a natural scientist and you can observe e.g. the life of birds in a nest without disturbing them. And who knows all the native fish species with their rare names such as spined loach, bullhead or bitterling? Together with a water biologist you can research on the fish fauna in coldwater aquariums at close range. 

For excursions into the world of grasshoppers, amphibians and birds you mainly need open ears open ears. Playing our “game of sounds” you will probably learn new sounds which you can later hear outside in the floodplains.