Special Protection Areas (SPAs) according to the Wild Birds Directive

The SPA “Rhine valley between Rench and Murg outlet“ (between Lichtenau and Steinmauern) and the southern part of the SPA “Rhine valley Elchesheim Karlsruhe“ cover the sections of the project area close to the river Rhine. The Rhine floodplain is one of the most important ecological connections in Central Europe, and many migrating birds use it for orientation on their way into their winter or summer habitats. Decisive factor is the availability of sufficient resting sites along the route during migration. Additionally the Birds Directive requires protection measures for the breeding, moulting and wintering sites of migratory birds.

Of course, the Rhine floodplain also provides breeding sites for numerous bird species which can be heard or discovered on and around the water, in the reed, on the meadows and in the alluvial forests. They comprise water birds (e.g. the little grebe), birds of prey such as the black kite, fish hunters (e.g. the kingfisher), and riparian birds such as the common sandpiper.

Information on and photographs of the 19 endangered species of the Wild Birds Directive occurring in the area you can find here.