Near-natural reconstruction of the Riedkanal

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The Riedkanal is a technically improved water body with hardly any natural structures. A few years ago the Riedkanal-Zweckverband has redesigned a “pilot section” of about 200 m in the Geggenau in a near-natural way. Meanwhile this section has developed into a diverse water course with varying stream currents. Maybe you are lucky and discover the kingfisher around its nesting site at the newly created scarp slope.

After the successful test run the watercourse will be re-designed in a section of about one kilometre. The measures include the removal of stones at the embankments, and the straight course will be remodelled into near-natural meanders. In several places stems of dead wood are to direct the stream current.

Aim of the measure
The increased diversity of stream currents and structures in the water improves the habitat conditions, for example for the kingfisher or for the green snaketail, a dragonfly species. The brook lamprey and the spined loach, which is a small fish living in the stream bottom, now find suitable habitats. Additionally different water plants, reeds and tall herb communities can settle in the water and at the banks.