Improved connection of the Wintersdorfer Altrhein

The ecological and hydrological conditions in floodplains can be improved by reconnecting cut-off oxbow lakes to the river. In the context of the “Integrated Rhine Programme” (IRP) the Aueninstitut of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has suggested to improve the connection of the Wintersdorfer Altrhein. Presently the connection consists of only three small steel pipes, and the abandoned meander in the Schmiedseppengrund is slowly silting up.

The plans intend to construct a box-shaped passage. Particularly in times of higher water levels in the Rhine larger amounts of water will be led into the Altrhein. 

They will flow back into the Rhine at the existing estuary of the Sandbach.

Aim of the measure
The measure will slow down the silting of the Wintersdorfer Altrhein due to the increased flow during floods. At the same time the flowing water will create the typical sites of open soil on different spots from time to time. The populations of spined loach and bitterling will increase again.