Development of natural shallow banks at the right embankment of the Rhine

If you conduct construction works at the embankments of the Rhine these measures may not disturb shipping. In the years 2005 and 2007 the Regional Council Karlsruhe has already removed the bank reinforcements in three areas and instead established shallow gravel banks. The results have shown that such shallow embankments along straight sections of the Rhine solely cause local break-downs of the banks. Shipping has not been endangered.

Along a section of 250 m a further shallow bank will be able to develop close to the Murg estuary. The rip-rap will be removed and the tow path will be shifted inlands. Hence fluvial forces can create a natural flat embankment. The shifted tow path will be fixed by stones.

Aim of the measure

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Numerous species will benefit: Sea and river lampreys will find suitable larval biotopes, spined loach and allis shad find new habitats. The Common Sandpiper and other bird species can the shallow banks for feeding. Finally the inflow of water into the Murgwinkel creates typical open sites which can be populated by additional plant and animals species of the floodplains.