• " typeof= The fern species Marsilea quadrifolia rather resembles a clover species with its quadripartite leaves. It grows in shallow water zones of lakes, stagnant waters and ponds, and it requires recurring disturbance of the soil for its dispersal. It had been considered extinct in the area but was rediscovered in 1986 in a small pond near Neuburgweier. Within the state-wide Species Protection Programme the stands could be increased by pig grazing on the site.  Read more
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  • At the foot of deciduous trees, particularly of beeches, lime trees and oaks, you can find the dense cushions of the moss species Dicranum viride. Precondition for its occurrence is a bright and sunny site under a light tree canopy. Do you see somewhere fresh green cushions in the sun under inclined trees? Typical for the species are its frizzy leaves, usually with broken tips. Read more