• " typeof= The Great Capricorn Beetle (Cerambyx cerdo) reaches a length of 5.3 cm and is one of the largest beetles in Central Europe. Its antennae nearly reach 10 cm. As habitat it prefers old dying oaks in the sun. At daytime the beetle hides under loose bark or in leaves, only during warm summer nights it leaves “its” tree. The larvae feed on the wood of trees and on the tree sap, before pupating after 3 to 5 years. The great capricorn beetle occurs for instance in the former coppices with standards between Würmersheim and Ötigheim. Read more
  • " typeof=  Around stands of old oaks, for example southwest of Ötigheim, you can discover Stag Beetles (Lucanus cervus) during their courtship flights beween May and August. With their enlarged mandibles they are the largest beetles in Central Europe. Maybe you have the opportunity to watch two fighting males which use their “horns” trying to knock over each other. But beware of the females! Contrary to the dangerously looking males they can bite forcefully. This ability also helps them to get to the delicious sap of the oaks. Read more
  • " typeof= Only a few years ago the beetle species Cucujus cinnaberinus has been discovered in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The larvae of the beetle live underneath the partially loosened bark of dead trees. So far is has only been found in the western part of the area.